Local Business Owner To Run From Terrace Council

Marek Tkach

With municipal elections across our province just over three months away-- some potential candidates are beginning their campaigns.

The first person not currently on Terrace council has announced their intentions to run for one of six seats.

He is a regular in the audience of Terrace council meetings -but come October 20th- Evan Ramsay hopes there will be a chair on the other side of the room, with his name on it.

"It seems a little early to most people. I want people to know they can approach me. It takes qualification and long term commitment, so to run for council you have to help people out."

The father of two-- along with his mother frequently help out with the Happygang Centre which is a seniors activity lodge in Terrace.

"We've been going for pancake breakfasts me and kids, usually we do that. I also help out a lot of businesses, because every business has one family or more behind it, it's all about helping the city grow. I moved here for opportunity growth and quality of life."

Ramsay who also owns his own business in Terrace is aiming to make a difference outside of being on council aswell.

He is making a submission to M-P Nathan Cullen's create your Canada contest where Cullen will pick a winner to bring to Parliament to introduce a private members bill.

Ramsay's submission targets what he identifies as one of the biggest issues in our community.. the ongoing doctor shortage.

"We have more than enough doctors but we don't have enough positions that are given out to the provinces. I'd like to crack that open, by changing the legislation on which immigrating doctors get in."

Candidates across the province have from September 4th to 14th to officially declare their candidacy to the municipality.

In between then and now expect other candidates to appear out of the woodwork from across our region.

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