Recent Sightings Of Grizzly Bear Activity In The Kitimat Area

Hillary Johnson

Hold on to your picnic baskets! There have been recent sightings of grizzly bear activity in the Kitimat area, but these bears will not be as forgiving as Yogi and Booboo if you cross their path! Conservation Officer, Michael Geuze wants the community to be "Bear Aware" and prepared.

"So there are two specific areas that have sows and cubs that are hanging out. One of the areas is the Jurfalcon and Grouse Street area, and the other one is Strawberry Meadows, and that area has got another sow and cubs near the soccer field at Lower Dyke Road area. So those are the two areas where we are seeing a majority of our calls right now."

As a resident, there are many things you can do to make sure your property remains bear free.

"Attractions secured,  clean your BBQ, put your food away, make sure garbage doesn't go out until garbage day, so remove bird feeders for this time of year. Anything that can attract them. If you're going out for walks, walk in partners, be loud, make noise, so that they know you're coming and pets, make sure that pets are secured on a leash. Don't let them be running off."

Conservation officers primary focus is public safety, and they use specific tactics to deter bear activity in residential areas.

"We will try and move the bears, give them negative interaction with us, so they associate negative interaction with humans, but we are monitoring them right now, making sure that they stay in areas they are supposed to and not get to close to human residences."

If you see a bear in your neighbourhood, act quickly, secure yourself and contact the conservation officers on the rap line at 1-877-952-7277. DO NOT approach the animal, these bears are ready to protect their young.

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