The Port is asking the public to address their thoughts and concerns on the Ridley Island Export Logistics Platform Project

Divya Gill

Another one of Prince Rupert Port Authority's large scale projects for the next few years has entered another public consultation phase with Port seeking feedback from the public on their environmental effects evaluation for their proposed Ridley Island Export Logistics Platform. With more here's Divya Gill

The Ridley Island Export Logistics Platform is a port infrastructure project that will enable and support the development of innovative, large scale, export transloading facilities designed to increase efficiencies in export supply chains maximize value to Canadian exporters, and support the growth of the intermodal business in the Port. 

The Terminal development will be located on the south side of Ridley Island .


The Director of Environmental Planning and Compliance Jack Smith said the port has taken a comprehensive assessment to examine how the project will interact with the environment on Ridley Island. So far the assessment has seen effects on noise for Port Edward residents as well as mitigation measure to restrict impacts to air qualities, greenhouse gas emissions to noise and the effects to fish habitats

.{" The project will have an effect on the upper tidal areas of Ridley Island and to address this we are going to be constructing offsetting or compensation measures to enhance the habitiate for fish in other areas, but in order to undertake this  permit authorization would be required from Fisheries and Oceans to ensure that our offsets  more than address the areas of impacts that are associated with the project."}

The site will have a rail and road infrastructure, a new intermodal container yard, new Transload facility and New Break Bulk Facility.

The port is asking the public to participate in the public comment period and voice their concerns and questions. the public period is open till September 4th 

The infrastructure project is estimated to have a capital cost of 250 million dollars with a two-year construction timeline and an estimated workforce of 250 people during construction.

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