Terrace Roundabout Open -- but not everyone understands it

Hillary Johnson

Round and around the drivers go, but in which direction not everyone knows!

The roundabout at the intersection of Highway 16 and 37 in Thornhill, which replaced a 4-way stop there, is now open -- but a video posted on YouTube shows at least one vehicle going the wrong direction.


[PHOTOS:  from  YouTube video - scoopeddad]

The Transportation Ministry's Skeena District Manager, Dan Baker, says he can't say for sure why there was confusion, but said  it might have been due to a misunderstanding of the markings.

"I think it’s because the pavement markings weren't complete and there is some additional advance signage that needs to go up, so we are working our way through that. We put the diversion in place to let traffic go through the roundabout so we could finish the construction and the tie in on that fourth leg," he said

Baker says the construction is nearly completed but the weather is a big factor when it comes to finalizing the project this year.

"The right turn bypass lanes that head up highway 37 south, will likely be added next year. There is concrete that needs to be placed in the traffic islands. There is also concrete sidewalk that has to be poured on the four quadrants and there is some finishing grade work, a little bit of finishing paving to do, some additional road markings and final site cleanup. It definitely all won't all be completed this year, but my hope is that we get as much done as we can this year."

Kalum Kabs Operations Manager, Michael Diana, says the roundabout is an improvement from the previous 4-way stop and will have a positive effect on business.

"The biggest time for us is the Friday, Saturday night right and I was just talking to one of the drivers yesterday about it. The Northern is our busiest time when we are clearing all the people from the northern and with the roundabout, its going to make it a lot easier. Were not going to actually stop, it saves quite a lot of, you know, a minute each way. We can drive through, we don’t have to stop and wait to get through, I think it will be positive."

Baker says that when using the roundabout, ensure you are in the proper lane, follow the road markings, take your time and proceed with caution. He wanted to thank drivers for their patience and cautious driving around road workers, along with positive comments they have received.

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