Rupert Hospice Society will be operating at a new normal

Divya Gill

The Prince Rupert Hospice Society President Judy Riddell said COVID-19 has made it very difficult for hospice to run their programs.
Although they do have two locations one at the hospital and the second at the Acropolis Manor--Many of their programs are dependent visitors.
Because of the COVID restrictions one level of palliative care took the biggest hit, and that is with those only have a few days left.
"We do visits when people are deemed palliative, and during the last few days when signs are present, when you believe this person has maybe two or three or maybe four days left, we do vigils. Which mean that we attempt to be there 24 hours seven days a week as much as possible-0 That would entail a lot of volunteers and that piece we really aren’t able to do."
One way the society was able to help their patients see their loved ones was through the donation of iPad from the city of Prince Rupert.
"One is gone to the acute care on the third floor, and two are at the acropolis and one we use with our volunteers who are communicating with people at home."
Riddell added that right now with the way things have been going, this will be the new normal for the hospice center. This includes fewer visits and less volunteers

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