Rupert's Lawn and Garden has been running successfully with COVID still around

Divya Gill

COVID has affected many businesses over the course of the last six months. However one business that seemed to excel especially in the last few months is gardening,
And many people have used gardening to cope with the stresses the pandemic has caused.
The Prince Rupert Lawn and Garden Manager Sheri Pringle said the pandemic did cause a small hiccup to their new store location in the beginning, but the problem was easily solved when Pringle decided to open an online service.
"So we started doing curbside pickup, and home delivery, which was very successful and then we did open our doors about a month after that. We had protocols in place, we only had 10 people on site, the site could have had 50 but we just kept it to 10."
Another project the nursery is working on is the opening of their hydroponic greenhouse. Now this greenhouse like similar to the others in this garden but the key difference is it doesn’t require the attention of Mother Nature.
 So the environment is much more controlled. Although there is still a risk of bugs and fungus, the overall environment is much more in the person’s hand.
"Hydroponic is a much more controlled situation.  There's no soil, you still have the risk of bugs and funguses and all those types of things. But, you’re controlling you thermostat, and your controlling your nutrients, and in soil they're harder to control. so what happens is that being in a much more controlled environment you should have less waste is the idea."
With the addition of this new greenhouse, the plan is for harvesting leafy greens and herbs will begin this fall 

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