Prince Rupert Library moves into Phase 3 of their restart plan

Divya Gill

Prince Rupert Library putting in motions its Phase Three program of return to public services.
Prince Rupert Chief Library Joe Zelwietro says phase three now encompasses a wide range of services which will be offered by appointments only
"We're allowing public computer use, again limited because of spacing for 30 minute sessions. We are introducing document services to the public. We’ve introduced this late in phase 2 but we had to connect with us over digital media. You can now come and get something scanned or faxed; you can get printing either black and white or colour. We are allowing examination Invigilation.”
Zelwietro added, when the pandemic first hit, the staff had to learn technology working from home, and while that became easier over time, they are now having to relearn how the library operated pre pandemic.
."Now that we are letting people back in we've forgotten how to do some computer processes to get the computers ready because we haven’t used them for the public in months. We are listening to the science but we're also listening to the staff and we had to find a balance between how the staff feels and what they are anxious about with what services we want to provide.  So everything we do is more work than it used to be. "
However, while more services are being added, casual drops in to read a book, magazine or newspaper doesn’t look to happen in the near future.

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