Teachers union in Prince Rupert are concerned with back to school in classes this fall

Divya Gill 

The B-C government has unveiled its plan for reopening schools last week saying classes will be full-time in-class learning this fall.

However Prince Rupert School District 52 teachers union has many concerns.

The President of Prince Rupert teachers union Gabriel Bureau there are a number of concerns teachers have when it comes to the return of students to classes in September.

He said one hand they want make sure students have access to education but on the other we want to still make sure it is safe for students and workers in the buildings.

"And this is where we are concerned. The concept of Cohort, the 60 and 120 students depending on the grade level, if you take a teacher for example with 120 students and each other those students have a bubble of ten people that means that really the teachers bubble to be exposed is 1200 people. So this is definitely concerning in terms of safety."

Although physical distancing is not mandatory but will be encouraged in school Bureau added that too will be very difficult and could cause for many concerns.

"Even in high school, it will be very difficult especially during lunch time in hallways, some students haven’t seen each other in months they will want to socialize together, and so it will be very, very difficult to encourage social distancing.”

The teachers’ union feel a hybrid method for the return of students is a better and a much safer approach.
 Bureau said from this stand point it allows the teachers and workers in the school buildings to be better prepared rather than preparing as they go. 

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