See for Yourself Tourism Campaign receives positive response

Divya Gill

COVID-19 has put a huge damper on the tourism sector nationwide. But now as we reach the half-way point of the summer season, the Prince Rupert summer campaign has brought some light into the city's tourism sector.

The Executive Director for Tourism Prince Rupert Ceilidh Marlow said they launched the See  For Yourself Campaign earlier this month, and since then they are pleased with the number of responses they've recieved so far.

"We've seen a great response so far, It's difficult to gage because when we originally started to build this campaign, we anticipated it would be pushed out across the province and into Alberta. Then of course with the COVID -19 Situation we called the campaign to focus primarily on local and northern B-C because we really got that response from the community that that's where people would feel most comfortable seeing visitors from."

She added the campaign is now opened regionally, and they have added new promotions around accommodations and outdoor adventure.

"And now this week we've opened it up to our nearby northern neighbours, basically from here to Smithers we've started to push some advertising. But we will be keeping the campaign primarily to northern BC."

The campaign will run until August 17 and all promotions are now listed. The Tourism sector will continue to highlight all local businesses on their social media, along with weekly emails sent out to everyone on their mailing lists encouraging the community to support locals businesses.

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