Many, Many Concerns School District 52 Teachers still with teaching during a Pandemic

Divya Gill

While classes have been in session for a little over a week now, students are getting the appropriate education that can given the circumstances we are dealing with.

However the districts Teachers Union still have many, many concerns about their own health and safety.

President of the Union, Gabriel Bureau said, the biggest concern teachers are feeling is receiving mixed
messages of what to do. Whether it be wearing masks, physical distancing, everything is very confusing.

"The teachers require to wear a mask but that only protects the students, it does not protect the teachers in front of the class. Physical distancing if your teaching those students everyday or teachers teaching on call for one class, you might be able to keep some physical distancing, but if you are teaching this class for several days sooner or later you’re going to have to come closer to students to do one-on-one explanations, to give help, support, and to do that physical distancing is not practical."

Bureau also added as students get older the concerns of safety are a lot higher especially for high schoolers who change teachers and classes every five weeks.

"From cohort to cohort, they chose where the teacher will be with the same student for five weeks. But, at the end of the five weeks, they will be exposed to a totally different cohort Normally, in a case like that you would be self isolated and in this case that’s not going to happen, and it will be very concerning in high schools"
In the media release, the Director of Instruction Sandy Pond reported that approximately 90% of students have returned to in-school classes as of last Tuesday."

 The District is currently reaching out to the families of the remaining students to ask what their plans are when it comes to the education of their students.

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