School district 82 hosts virtual town hall meeting

Hillary Johnson

With the new school year fast approaching, school district 82 has received approval to implement stage two of its safety plan. Superintendent Janet Meyer says its time to put those plans into action and get the message out to the community.

"The options for parents are homeschooling, which is labour intensive for parents, there is distributed learning, and we have opened up our DL School for K to 9 and course offerings from 10 to 12. We are in the process of staffing that school as we speak so we can have it up and running as close to the 10th as possible. The third option is the brick and mortar option. We are designing a plan that allows for flexibility to keep their student enrolled in their brick and mortar school and transition them slowly back during the month of September."

A choice of options will not be forced as most parents wish to participate in the town hall before deciding what best suits their needs.

"We are having a town hall meeting this Thursday at 5:30. I think its Dr. Clink and I and the board chair and DEPAC will be co-hosting the town hall, and we are asking for people to submit questions in advance, and the purpose of that is to reach out to the wider community to say what are your concerns, what do you need, how can we help."

Meyer says that should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the district, they will take direction from Northern Health, who will also participate in the virtual meeting.

"That's a situation where it's over to Northern Health. Then we give the information; we give the particulars, talk about the cohort the child was in, and then Northern Health takes over, and they tell us do we tell people? Who do we tell? When do we tell? What else do we need to do? Once there is a case, we immediately take direction from Northern Health, and it might look different depending on different circumstances. Still, I'm looking forward to that answer from Northern Health as well."

Meyer wants to emphasize the importance of parents supporting the re-opening plan and strictly enacting the daily health checklist with their children and not sending their kids to school if they do not pass.

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