Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP hosts discussion on white supremacist groups in Canada

Joshua Azizi


Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach held an online discussion with Hamilton Centre MP Matthew Green last Friday to chat about combatting white nationalist hate groups operating in Canada.

Bachrach explained that one of the reasons he held the discussion was to help break down the events that happened last week at the US capitol.

"I would say in this region, there's a fair bit of confusion and a need to unpack these things and to understand the meaning of the symbols, and -- I know you and I had a conversation about the confederate flags that we're flown in my community."

"That's right."

"And to help people understand the connections between these things and the harm that's being done."

Some topics they discussed include recent white nationalist activity in Canada, online disinformation, extremists' use of social media, the historical roots of racism in Canada and Green's own experiences with racism.

Bachrach and Green, who are both NDP MPs, also discussed their party's recent push for the government to recognize the Proud Boys, a white nationalist group, as a terrorist organization.

“If I were to show up to the local Caribbean association and there was a note on the door or if it was burned to the ground, or a mosque or a synagogue or any identifiable group, that is in and of its very self a message to the community that their lives are at danger,  said Green.

"That’s what white supremacist organizing does, and so they should be deemed as terrorist organizations and they should be completely outlawed in this country."

“Are we making progress on that front?," asked Bachrach.

“No. We have governments who want to play lip service to the aesthetics of taking on these big critical issues, they want to play identity politics without actually committing to justice.”

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said on Sunday that the federal government was considering designating the Proud Boys as a terrorist group.

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