Afforable Housing was big topic of discussion in Smithers By Election Forum

Divya Gill

Yesterday the Chamber of Commerce for the town of Smithers hosted a virtual All-Candidates Forum.
And affordable housing-- was a huge topic even before heading into the forum
The mayoral candidates include -- businessperson Joe Bramsleven and former deputy mayor Gladys Atrill and councillor candidates -- Colin Bateman, Randy Bell, Mika Meyer and Sam Raven. 
Councillors and mayor candidates spoke to ways they intend to ease the issue for community members.
Councillor candidates Sam Raven said “I 100% Support tying homes cooperatives and using any resources we need to have that option. I think module housing is cost effective and sustainable ways to develop Smithers ”
Mayoral Candidate Joe Bramsleven  added “Affordable housing is a very big issue. However it all boils down to on the all mighty dollar or tax pays. We have a very, very small tax base so in order to increase our infrastructure, our sewer water roads. It all comes down to money. How are we going to get the money and where it all going to come from.”
Mayoral Candidate Gladys Atrill said “The thing with the private sector housing is that its going to require a good return on investment. If we want to address some of the social housing needs, its going to require a public sector investment. We need to work together on the things. A good definition of the problem helps to figure out the solution.”
Along with housing, there were many questions surrounding the pandemic, green house gas emissions, health care worker and the airport.
The by election will be held on October 17 and voters can go to the polls to vote

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