Suspicious Incident Near Topley Sparks Concern

Kathy Brookes

R.C.M.P. say they are investigating a suspicious incident on Highway 118 between Topley and Granisle on Monday evening in which a woman was seen getting into a truck.

Police say a local resident reported seeing the woman walk out of the bush and into the ditch between the Findlay brake check and a wooden bridge around 7:20 pm.  She appeared to be barefoot and soaking wet and was wearing a white tank top and grey or green sweat pants.

The caller said a silver or grey pickup truck pulled out of a trail nearby and the woman got in on the driver's side, followed by the male driver and the vehicle headed toward Granisle.

Houston R.C.M.P. say they immediately made patrols around Granisle, Topley, Tachet and the surrounding area, but were unable to find a vehicle matching the description. 

There have been no reports of missing persons but Sergeant Mark Smaill says the circumstances are concerning and they want to ensure everyone's well-being. 

They're asking anyone with information to contact Houston R.C.M.P.

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