TORCA begins construction on Pump Track

Hillary Johnson

The Terrace Off-Road Cycling Association is picking up speed with the development of its mountain bike trail network, skills development area and pump track near the Terrace Sportsplex. TORCA President Tyler Wilkes presented the group's progress to city council and said the construction is underway of the pump track, which is being built right behind the skateboard park.

"For our first presentation that we were going to build this pump track, there is kind of a dirt version, which is pretty cool and would be really good. But there is the Cadillac version that's surfaced with asphalt. So we managed to raise enough money to do the asphalt version. We have obtained a professional design company, and its all set, so over the next 3 to 4 weeks, we will be constructing the pump track."

Wilkes says the original budget which was established last year was just over 130-thousand dollars, but with additional donations and grants, that amount grew to 290-thousand dollars, making the project wholly funded.

"The trails are located on the hill up to Birch Hill. The solid lines are what's completed so far. There are still some trails at the bottom that will be completed later in the year. The Pump track location and a skills area over by Olsen Street are what we are planning. The trail construction is 75 percent complete. There are three trails open now. They are all signed, and all start at the rec center parking lot. Ones an uphill trail called upcycle, and two downhill trails."

Wilkes was happy to tell the Council that the new trails have been extremely popular.

"There is an app called Trail Forks where users can record their rides. We get statistics from it. It's not perfect, maybe about 10 percent of users use it, but in June we opened the trail, and instantly one of the downhill trails called, "It's not slippery when wet" had 1,500 different rides on it, which is pretty impressive. It's probably a testament to the accessibility and new style of trail."

Wilkes says the majority of the project will be completed by the end of September, but he is open-minded to expanding the project in the coming years.

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