Tahltan Nation tells gold company to cease operations on its territory

Joshua Azizi and Kathy Brookes


The Tahltan Central Government has notified a Vancouver-based gold company it will be taking further steps to stop its mineral exploration activities in Tahltan territory.

In a news release, the Tahltan say Doubleview Gold Corp's mineral claims are in a culturally sensitive area and that they have a track record of being disrespectful towards the nation.

The TCG has developed an engagement framework for mineral exploration companies operating on their territory to sign that allows the Tahltan to oversee their activities and ensures that proper communication is occuring between the two groups.

It says that over 30 companies have signed off on the framework, but Tahltan Central Government president Chad Norman Day says Doubleview refuses to sign it.

"At this point they've completely ruined their relationship with the Tahltan Central Government. They've disrespected our people, our nation, our jurisdiction -- they were already in a very sensitive area. So it's really a combination of factors, and at this point we're gonna do everything in their power to oppose them and they can take their business interests elsewhere."

When asked if the Tahltan government would consider working with Doubleview if they agreed to make changes, Norman Day said they're no longer interested in working with the company at all.

Norman Day says the Tahltan government will consider taking legal action or reaching out to the province if Doubleview continues their operations.

On its website, Doubleview says it has permits for an "aggressive" 2021 exploration program on its Hat property, which is located 95 kilometres southwest of Dease Lake.

CFTK has reached out to Doubleview Gold Corp for comment.

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