Tahltan maintain access restriction as BC Wildlife Federation complains to Horgan

John Crawford

The Tahltan Central Government is holding firm on its decision to block access to hunting and recreation areas within its territories, amid a challenge from the BC Wildlife Federation.

The federation has written a letter to Premier John Horgan, demanding immediate action, saying that BC taxpayers are being denied access to crown land by the Tahltan, who have erected gates and other roadblocks on access points in northwest BC.


The Tahltan say the measures are necessary to prevent COVID-19 infections being brought into their territories.
They also blasted the Wildlife Federation for what the Tahltan called a "wrongful, misleading and disrespectful attempt to claim that hunting is an essential service".

The First Nation quotes a Forests Ministry spokesperson as saying while hunting locally for food is essential, travelling to hunt is considered recreational. 



But the Federation complains that while British Columbians are being restricted, there is no such ban in place for guide-outfitters bringing in non-resident clients by floatplane, who they say pose a much greater health risk than resident hunters recreating in remote areas of Tahltan Territory. 
And the fed's threatening to go to court to obtain an injunction against the blockades, as it did in 2016.  

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