Terrace Skating Club Offering Fall Programs

Hillary Johnson

Lace-up those skates and practice your crossovers. The Terrace Skating Club is preparing for another figure skating season, and all ages are welcome to join in. Skating Director, Jennifer Kuehne, highlighted the six-week programs being offered to kids, teens and adults.

"Learn to skate for kids, learn to skate for adults. We also have a pre-power which is an introduction to power skating, and we have power skating for kids, teens and adults as well, and that's for six weeks. It's really good for the beginning of the season just to get on the ice a little bit more."

Kuehne explains that the programs can be beneficial for participants to improve motor skills and develop discipline.

"Children that come to learn to skate sometimes are just coming because they want to do an ice sport. Mostly, the kids are coming to learn to skate, and it really teaches them about their body and feeling where different parts of their body are because when they are very little, they have no idea, so its good for that. When they get older, skating, hockey, ringette, it's all a lot of discipline, time management; so lots of confidence-building."

The club follows specific guidelines when it comes to teaching techniques.

"Can Skate, we follow the National Skate Canada Can Skate program, and its step by step. It focuses on agility, control and balance, and so you go through six stages of badges, and everything grows off the next thing. So you learn a skill and the next level you learn that, plus something else or you add speed and so forth."

The Terrace Skating Club will also be hosting a handful of events such as the northwest jamboree in February. Skaters from Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Smithers and Huston, come to compete in some friendly competition, but most of all, to have fun.

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