The City of Terrace received grants to help improve active transportation

Hillary Johnson

Two approved provincial grant applications, submitted by the City of Terrace, amount to more than $700,000 and will be used to improve cycling and walking paths within the city and west along Highway 16. A grant of $500,000 is earmarked to extend the Grand Trunk Pathway.

Since its inception at the start of this century, the completion of the path, from its current end where Frank Street meets Highway 16 west to the Kalum River Bridge, has long been sought after. City Planner, Tara Irwin, says the pathway will continue but on the north side of the highway.

"In the original Grand Trunk Pathway master plan, we had the Grand Trunk Pathway running on the south side of the highway. When we revisited this final section in 2018, we determined that, from a cost perspective and environmental considerations perspective and just simply the space availability on the south side of the highway, it made more sense to run the Gand Trunk Pathway on the Northside of the highway."

The second grant of just under $240,000, will assist in the Munroe Street Active Transportation Enhancement Project.

"It will see the addition of a two 1.8 meter dedicated cycling lanes, as well as a cubed sidewalk for about a 400 meter stretch between Straume Avenue to McConnell Avenue, and that will run adjacent to Caledonia High school as well Veritas Catholic school."

She says these projects will help connect existing cycling and walking infrastructure, adding to the creation of a better, all-encompassing network.

"These are really small projects individually, but together they make up a more robust cycling and walking network and encourages, especially younger people, to choose active transportation when it's safer and better connected."

Irwin says the project occurring on Munroe Street is currently underway as part of the full road reconstruction and should be wrapped up by late August. A detailed design for the Grand Trunk Pathway will start in late summer or fall. Construction of the extension would begin next spring with a completion date planned for late 2021.

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