The Indian Community in Terrace protests the unfair treatment of Farmers in India

Divya Gill 

“We support farmers; we support farmers.”

Terrace’s Indian community gathered in front of City Hall yesterday to support Indian farmers, who themselves have been protesting changes to India’s agriculture laws.

Three new bills recently passed by the Indian government has farmers concerned that the Bills could be damaging to the farming community in Punjab. 

Farmers across India continue to protest even though they have been treated very poorly. 

These events have sparked solidarity demonstrations across Canada.

Some protestors in Terrace said they grew up on a farm in India and still have family there who are farmers.
They felt the demonstrations was essential to raise awareness about the conditions facing protestors in India.

“They think the government is paving the way for corporations to take over the farmers’ lands. So they feel like their future is black. They are thinking that they won’t be able to do farming on their land because the corporations will force them to sell their lands to them. So that’s why they are fighting for their survival.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concerns about the situation on Monday during a video conference.

They continue to say that they would like to see Canada stand beside them and support their efforts.

"The only reason we are protesting, we can’t go to India to support our farmers, brothers and sisters, fathers, and mothers over there. The only thing we want the Canadian government to do is to talk on our behalf."

The Terrace Indian community said they would like to continue protesting in support of farmers in India.


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