The count down is on for Rotarians attending the 2021 District 5040 Conference

Hillary Johnson

The anticipation and count down is on for Rotarians attending the 2021 District 5040 Conference scheduled in Terrace from May 20th to the 23rd!

District 5040 Governor Dave Hamilton says the annual conference aims to gather club members from the around the district, which stretches from Vancouver to Prince George and the Northwest, to acknowledge hard work, listen to keynote speakers and explore the beauty and history of the surrounding areas. He says this year's conference is one you won't want to miss and will focus on inclusion and relationship building.


"The most exciting part of what we are doing and what's making our conference different than the others that have been in our district over the years is we are going to be taking our conference on the road, and we are going up to the Nass Valley into the Nisga'a Villages to do some sessions up there and to work with a couple of our peace fellows and to have some mediation sessions and facilitation sessions up there with the indigenous people of the Nisga'a Valley. We are excited about being able to build a bond with the people up there and hopefully build a legacy of rotary throughout their area as well."

The 2021 District Conference Chairman, Blake Cowan says the pandemic has made the planning process complicated, but they are currently developing a plan B, which would see a virtual application of the conference.

"One of the benefits if we do have to do most of it virtually, we will have satellite centres. Anywhere from four to six satellite centers around the province where we can still have the rotary fellowship, where people come in, appropriately socially distanced, but we can be more inclusive. That could bring more people than would normally be able to come to Terrace or the Nass Valley. If we are here physically, there will be three days of camaraderie, enjoyment and seeing the local scenes within Terrace here, and if we are virtual, it will be a one-day event." 

Hamilton says this year's theme holds a lot of significance, with diversity, equity and inclusion in mind.

"The theme of our conference is the Rotary family. It's really important that we build on the rotary family; of the various aspects of rotary plus the family of rotary, you have when your members come together, and you do something and help people."

Hamilton noted that the Prince Rupert club would celebrate a significant milestone in 2021 -- their 100th anniversary. The current plan is to host a gala dinner in honour of this significant achievement.


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