Virtual Reality technology will help revitalize Nisga’a Language

Divya Gill

 A University of British Columbia Assistant Professor in partnership with the Laxgalts'ap Village Government will use virtual reality to revitalize Nisga'a culture and language.
UBC Department of Education Studies' Amy Parent is working to produce "Raising Nisga'a Language, Sovereignty, and Land-Based Education through Traditional Carving Knowledge"
Parent said the project is truly a collaboration with the Laxgalts'ap Village Government with protocol guidance from the Nisga'a Lisims Ayuuk office that will be the first study of the Nisga'a language to develop language learning tools using VR technology.
Parent's hope involve some of the respected, Matriarchs , the chief and language champions to do a narrative walk with aerial footage that will expose people to the land and significant meaning of the land in the Nisga'a language. 
"I would also like to involve the youth in the creation of some of these VR films because I think youth are our leaders and they are often our teachers and when it comes to technology they are generally the ones that are teaching us and leading the way. So, id very much like to see them involved and creating there own films with language and members of their families that can also support our language needs."
This project aims to repatriate an original house pole from the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and commission a new pole in the Nass Valley.

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