After a year involving a lot of COVID restrictions as well as a two month delay in it's start time, the All Native Basketball Tournament is back on schedule for 2023 and it's made quite a lot of people very happy to be playing and celebrating again

But while the event also has vendors selling many different items in the auditorium of the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre like shirts, hats, handbags, food and even a massage service, it also kicks off a time of year that really excites Prince Rupert's Mayor with there being many major events being around the corner after All Native.

And to further emphasize how massive this tournament has become in it's well over 60 year exsistence, teams from quite a ways away travel to Prince Rupert to make sure they aren't left out of the fun of playing as well as the celebration aspect.

With COVID restrictions pretty much disappearing and the multitude of people that continue to show up, it appears that not only is the All Native Basketball Tournament back to full strength, but that it will remain a major Northern BC event for many more years to come.