TERRACE -- The B.C. government is delivering on its commitment to help modernize the forest sector, protect good jobs, and put people and communities first.

They are doing this by making regulation changes to help forest sector contractors stay in business, improve competitiveness and help them prosper.Amendments to the timber harvesting contract and subcontract regulation will create transparency in contract negotiations and improve the dispute resolution process between forest tenure holders and the contractors they hire.

One change to the regulations will now require licence holders to provide contractors with clearer work guidelines to understand the entire scope of work, so they can properly negotiate their rates.

John Nester, Manager of the Northwest Loggers Association, says while he is very happy to see progress, this is still just the beginning.

"This is one step in the contractors sustainability review, the other step of course is the best practices guide. And were still working hard on a data collection piece that was part of the recommendations that were submitted by Dan Miller. So we still have some work to do to get a more level playing field between contractors and licensee's, but for us this was a very good start."

These new changes take effect today, June 10th, and are a result of the contractor sustainability review which was initiated in 2017, and completed in 2020.