The BC's Seniors Advocate spent the day meeting with community leaders and residents at the Terrace View Lodge.

Isobel Mackenzie told CFTK-TV News that there's a stark difference in those from Terrace compared to those in Vancouver; the quality of staff. She said that, unlike larger centres, many smaller communities bring compassion to their residents, which she said was refreshing to see.

"In terms of a community that cares, you're on the right track. I am struck in the rural communities. Terrace isn't the only one where you see a strong community commitment to caring for seniors. A little more than in urban areas, there is a bigger reliance on the government to provide more services."

Wednesday was her first visit to the area since the COVID-19 Pandemic, and she was quickly refreshed on some of the ongoing issues in the healthcare system. Many problems faced were out of control of the long-term care facility.

"Large areas where the system says we will do the help for you. It works because it's a big system, it doesn't work so well in smaller communities. And sometimes the solution is to say, Okay, we'll give you the resources, which means the money, and you will be able to figure out how to how to make it work for you and your family. "

She says that he hopes to return to the Northwest in the near future.