The City of Terrace recently made the decision to sell a 2.8 acre portion of the land that once housed the Terrace Co-op on Greig Avenue in the city's downtown core.


The land was sold to a governing Metis organization known as the Metis Nation BC for a reported amount of about $1.27 million, despite Terrace's initial asking price supposedly being $1.73 million.


The two parties are also said to be involved in another sale involving two properties across from Terraces Best Western Inn at 3115 and 3111 Kalum Street.


in total, the Metis Nation BC is set to end up owning about 4.2 acres inside of the City of Terrace's boundaries, with their plan being to construct a daycare center on the Greig Avenue space, although it's not clear what will be done with the other piece of land.