PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. -- Terrace RCMP say a deceased male was discovered in a wooded area off of Highway 37 near Jack Talstra Way -- located south of the Northwest Regional Airport -- on Friday, October 1st.

A news release says a woman was out picking mushrooms in that area on Friday when she came across a man on the ground who didn't appear to be breathing. She called police to report the incident.

RCMP and BC Emergency Health Services attended the scene and confirmed the man was deceased.

Police say the man had a few personal items on him, as well as a bag of mushrooms. No injuries were reported.

RCMP believe the man’s death was caused by medical issues and do not suspect any criminality involved with his death.

The BC Coroners Service is conducting an investigation into the man’s death and the circumstances behind it.

Terrace RCMP say the man will not be identified and no further information is available.