An evacuation alert is now in place for the following areas: Ferry Island Campground, Skeena Street (south of Haugland Ave.), Haugland Avenue (west of Braun St. – south side only), Braun Street (south of Haugland Ave. - west side only), Medeek Avenue (west of Craig St. – south side only), Craig Street, Mills Avenue , Apple Street, Graham Avenue (west of Kenney St.).  This Evacuation Alert is a precautionary measure and not an Evacuation Order. In the event of an Evacuation Order, residents should be prepared to leave on short notice. 

Also the City has closed down Ferry island trails, campground and park down to all traffic until further notice. Also Fisherman’s park is closed until further notice.  River monitoring is taking place multiple times a day by City staff

Sandbags are currently available at the Thornhill Fire Department. The public is encouraged to visit the Thornhill Fire Department location to pick up as needed between 8:00am-9:00pm.