The George Little house was moved into it’s current position back in 2005 and has been managed and overseen by Debbie Letawski since that date. She's been a friendly face tourists visiting from all over the world first meet and the familiar face returning residents are greeted with when they arrive in Terrace.  In the house, you'll find all kinds of community art for the betterment of Terrace and the region, which is part of the mission statement of the Via Gateway to Terrace, set back in 2005. The House manager received some disturbing news recently.


"I always said to my liaison, if there's a time we both need to, you know, retire or need to leave, then I'd at least need an exit strategy for my business and for everything in the house and, you know, that sort of didn't happen. So when I received a letter from the City. Nobody approached me and just said that the contract was up and there will be RFP, which is a request for proposal." – Debbie Latawski


Thinking it was merely a formality.  The proposal went out from the House to continue on educating visitors from near and far as to the history and culture of the northwest town. The City decided to move in a different direction, CFTK reached out to the City of Terrace.  But the City declined to comment due to an ongoing negotiation with a new client.  Word around the grapevine has been that it will become a coffee shop.


"If It is going to be like a coffee shop and they're relying on, you know, having people run in here to get a coffee, that ain't going to be it. You know, we cater to Via that means that with late night trains and I've been here until midnight and until one in the morning, two in the morning. You know, already they're stressed.  So we got out things like our popcorn maker was going, free water was out, things for the kids to do, you know.  So, you know, it's not a money making thing, it was never money making."

– Debbie Letawski


History, Art and culture, it seems, are taking a back burner in Terrace where residents and tourists a like hope it doesn't burn.