Kevin Falcon has been named the Liberal Leader for B.C., making him the province's official opposition. The Vancouver-born politician knocked off Skeena MLA Ellis Ross, who was seen as one of the biggest runner-ups in the race.

Falcon previously ran for the Liberal leadership in 2011 but was knocked off by Cristy Clark. His bid was for leadership was narrowly lost by a 48-52 margin. Today wasn't the case with a 52-33 win over Ellis Ross.

Interim Leader Shirley Bond made the announcement earlier this evening near Vancouver.

"We're giving notice to the NDP Government that we're coming for them."

"A combination of compassion of confidence is what we need," Said Falcon today, who spoke on the other candidates. "None of you forgot the party and the purpose."

Seven candidates ran for the top spot for the Liberals. Stan Sipos, Gavin Dew, Kevin Falcon, Michael Lee, Val Litwin, Renee Merrifield and Ellis Ross.

Today also marks the end for Skeena's MLA's run, which started nearly a year ago. A campaign where he's had to learn to become a leader.



Ross took office in 2017 and has been the local MLA since. In a February 2021 interview, Ross said that the province's direction was concerning.

"Watching what been happening in BC for the past two years has had me terribly concerned for where we were heading."

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