Two dilapidated structures have been ordered by the City of Terrace to be demolished by their owner within 30 days, or else the city will do it themselves and send the owner the bill. That’s what was decided at council Monday night for the properties on 4507 and 4509 Lazelle Avenue. City development services director David block described the properties' condition.


"Most recently, with some activity on the site involving the RCMP. This building, not directly involved, had a fire. The building is damaged extensively and we've reports from our building official and from our fire chief, attesting to the condition of the structure and the hazardous, the nature of it, particular from fire, potential fire hazard. The small fire was put out in March, but it did impact the adjacent new apartment building being constructed beside the site."

-David Block - City Development Service Director, City of Terrace


Adjacent property owners had expressed concern about activity around the properties. Block says the owner is aware of the situation.


"I've spoken with the owner. This building, she, does acknowledge is damaged beyond repair. The interactions with staff, city staff, RCMP as well as bylaw, have been lengthy. They've been dealing with the activities on the site and the property.  Also, our building officials."

-David Block - City Development Service Director, City of Terrace


The two other properties on the same block are not currently on the demolition list, but block said city officials are currently working on the details to potentially bring orders to those as well.