Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach called on the federal government to join the BC provincial and Prince Rupert municipal governments in solving the ongoing infrastructure crisis in Prince Rupert

“In December, the city declared a state of emergency after several water main breaks. Now, officials fear a catastrophic failure of the city’s water system.” Said Bachrach in his question to the Minister “The BC government has pledged support, and has written to the minister of infrastructure to ask for federal help. Why hasn’t this Liberal government stepped up to help Prince Rupert address its water crisis?”

This past December, the City of Prince Rupert declared a state of emergency after a series of water main breaks due to cold weather. With city infrastructure unable to support the rapid influx of new residents coming to work at the Port of Prince Rupert, city officials are concerned about the risk of a catastrophic water infrastructure failure.

“Prince Rupert is home to one of Canada’s fastest growing ports and is essential to Canada’s national supply chain and ensuring its resiliency cannot fall to the city and province alone.” Says Bachrach “It is time for the federal government to stop dragging their feet, and join the provincial and municipal governments at the table to ensure the residents of Prince Rupert can count on their water system”