Terrace's Happy Gang Center recently held a special event for the people who are its most regular visitors. Over this past weekend, the city of Terrace played host to a roundtable or a community symposium as it was called, for local seniors to come to and have the opportunity to discuss some of the issues that they're having. But seniors were not the only one to attend, as Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach disclosed one of the major talking points that got the event started.


“We started out talking about the new dental care program, which is something that we've pushed really hard for in the House of Commons and is now being rolled out. Super exciting that seniors are finally going to get free dental care. This is an issue that affects so many people and we know that dental care is part of health care and so answering questions and ensuring that as many people as possible get signed up for this new program.” – Taylor Bachrach – Skeena Bulkley Valley MP


 Bacharach was also joined by fellow MP Rachel Blaney, who is from Terrace but currently represents North Island Powell River, who was present to talk about a few other problems that covers more than just seniors in the Northwest.

“Pensions is a big concern. With a fixed income, it's getting harder and harder to make it, you know, by. We also have heard that housing continues to be a very significant concern, not having enough appropriate housing. And of course, the affordability of housing is really a big concern for them as well. So I figured that's what we'll hear. But looking forward to hearing from them and other issues that they may bring up.” –Rachel Blaney – North Island – Powell River MP


And while it is expected that there may be some bumps in the road, so to speak, when it comes to the previously mentioned dental plan, both employers are excited for the benefits it should bring, which could be really needed since such high costs are even leading some seniors to have to try and survive in even more unfavorable conditions.

“Many seniors can't afford dental care and as a result are struggling with being able to even eat properly. The rising cost of food, the rising costs of gas, the rising cost of insurance. As a result, many of our seniors are starting to not be able to pay their basic needs. And as a result, some of them have had to give up their homes, have not been able to pay their rent, have not been able to pay their mortgages, have had to leave their homes and many unfortunately, many of them are starting to be living in their cars, their trucks, their campers. It's becoming more and more evident and on our streets, unfortunately.” – Diana Penner – Skeena Valley Seniors Society President

But an event like that one could potentially go a long way to better relations between politicians and residents, as well as possibly result in some potential solutions to such dilemmas.