A dementia conference was held at the River Lodge Rec Center for the general public to learn more about the mental disorder, people from all over the country came to speak about the disease as well as to support the planned dementia care home in Kitimat.  But as for when it might be completed, that is still yet to be decided.


“It all depends on funding. The land is already there. The lands been dedicated to it. We've gone through the subdivision, the district donated that and we've also committed, I think, half a million dollars to this project. But it's really up to B.C. housing, I think, and the government to come forward and Northern Health, I believe” – Mayor Phil Germuth


“We are looking at building a 12 bedroom house here in Kitimat that is just for residents who are dealing with dementia. We've been working on this project for, I think, since 2016, working very hard with the local government and also B.C. government to, you know, get ourselves to a point that we can go forward with our with our built” - Fernanda Fontes, Kitimat Valley Housing Society President.


Kitimat Valley Housing Society is hoping that construction will commence sometime in 2025.