When VIA Rail announced that they were returning to their pre-pandemic schedules, there's no doubt that many were excited along the Jasper to Prince Rupert route. And no doubt, those at the George Little House in Terrace.

The house is what separates those passengers from the city. And in some cases, there are only 10 minutes to convince potential visitors to come back in the future.

"One of our main things is to promote the art and the history of Terrace and getting them to gems of the city," Told Debbie Letawski from the George Little House, "So now that we're slowly opening and businesses are opening, that's what we're trying to promote."

During the pandemic, the landmark could stay open, but mainly for a small amounts of tourism or information to those in the community. Trains from VIA Rail only came twice a week, once East and once West. Now, the train station has been kept busy, with six days of trains coming in and out of Terrace.

The passenger rail service noted in a CFTK-TV News Interview that during the pandemic, they had to make tough decisions along the way to pause some trains, but now they're returning to full service.

"The Jasper to Prince George to Prince Rupert (line) has always been an established route, and during the pandemic throughout Canada and all our services were either cancelled or greatly reduced."

Letawski says that now would be a great time to build community tourism by adding new wayfinding and creating more information for potential visitors.