This past week Terrace City council released their intent to sell three parcels of local land to the Metis Nation of BC.  The pieces of land being sold are 3111 Kalum St FOR $490,586, 3115 Kalum St FOR $187,651 and 4617 Greig Ave for $1,271,763 with a total price of $1.95 Million.  Those three Pieces of land make up what is likely known as the former “Coop vacant” property.  The purchase of the Coop property for One Million dollars by the City of Terrace back in 2005 was a very hot controversial topic within in the community.


If the sale is completed and goes through it is unknown at this time what the Metis Nation of BC will do with the 4.2 acres of land. 


More Information is set to be released in 2024.