The old Skeena Bridge is officially once again operational after being closed down for close to a year. The bridge was reopened last Saturday, May 27, after being shut down back in July 2022 for what was called extensive rehabilitation. But it was reopened way ahead of schedule as the work being done on the bridge was initially expected to be done sometime in October of this year.


The work was completed by Gitga’at Park Derochie Industrial Services Inc, who were given a $22.6 million contract to work on rehabbing the bridge. Some of the work they were contracted to do included San blasting, repainting and repairing the structural aspects of the bridge and the addition of bump outs on the sidewalk of the bridge were also planned.


But even with the much shorter timeframe than the initial projection, BC's Transportation Ministry said in a publicly released statement that the scope of the work, as well as the project costs, were pretty similar to what was predicted for the project.