PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. -- After three years of fundraising, Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue (PRGSAR) now have a new mobile command centre to assist them in the important work they do.

"This mobile command center will enable our search and rescue team to set up our command center anywhere in Northwest British Columbia,” said PRGSAR President Erik Brooke.

“We can be tasked anywhere from here to Prince George to assist in mutual aid taskings. We can also request other teams to come to Prince Rupert to assist us on searches, and this mobile command center enables us to be operational out in the field for multiple days at a time."

PRGSAR unveiled the vehicle at a community event on Saturday.

The new command centre will centralize their gear, improve their communications and enable them to respond quicker to calls

"We also have a communication center in there that allows us to use repeaters and VHF radio to talk to our members that are out in the field,” said SRGSAR Manager Jordy Bouillet.

“In the event that we're in an area that doesn't help cell service it, it's essential that we still have that communication."

Brooke says the new command centre is “a massive game changer” when it comes to their communications.

Inside the command centre, Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue can set up their office.

"So inside, we have a complete operational center, complete with room for operations, planning and logistics departments, as well as for the search manager to oversee the search efforts from within. It's contained for operation for at least three days. We've got food, water, a backup generator, a battery bank – everything we need to execute a search effectively,” said Brooke.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) donated $125,300 to the new centre through their community investment fund.

"[PRGSAR] came to us saying, 'We have this great idea, would you be interested in supporting it?' So after a lot of discussion – and helping to enable them get other community funders and other support –we were able to see their dream come true," said PRPA Community Relations Manager Brittany Pederson.

Other sponsors include DP World Prince Rupert, Northern Savings Credit Union, and Community Futures Pacific Northwest.

"A couple of years back, our mobile command was a canvas tent, so this is definitely a step in the right direction for our team,” said Bouillet.