PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. -- Municipal elections in B.C. are coming up this year, and a notable northwest politician has dropped the first big piece of election news for the region.

After seven years in office, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain has announced he's not seeking re-election.

"The last 7 years have seen some of the best and most challenging times in my life. Not only have I personally evolved since running for the first time at 28, but this community has significantly moved forward as well," wrote Brain in a Facebook post announcing his future departure from office.

"Now in my mid 30s, I only have a limited time to enjoy these early years with my 10 month old daughter and be present for Hailey and I’s family journey that is just beginning. So I will not be the one running for another two terms to fully see Rupert 2030 through."

In the post, Brain reflected on how the community was "nearly bankrupt" when he took office in 2014, struggling with an infrastructure backlog and paying legal fees associated with the abandoned pulp mill on Watson Island.

"Fast forward to today, and I can confidently say we've pulled Prince Rupert out of the proverbial 'hole' and have raised nearly $200 million in direct community investments, made Watson Island into a revenue generator, are tackling major infrastructure issues like our water supply upgrades - and have a list of over 30+ revitalization projects from new housing to waterfront developments happening all over the community."

For the next ten months, Brain says his goal is to "hit the gas pedal to sling shot this community forward" and leave the city in a better condition for future councils.

"This community took a chance on me in 2014, and for that I am truly grateful. I didn't want to let you all down, so I poured every fiber of my entire being into this position - and never let up on the energy in order to help bring us to new heights."

Municipal elections in B.C. will be held on October 15th.