With the Cops for Cancer Tour to North Bike Ride just a month away, members of the Prince Rupert team held a barbecue fundraiser outside of Safeway to kick off their campaign.

"The three of us, myself (and my two teammates), are three of the four riders from Prince Rupert RCMP who are participating in this year's Cops Cops for Cancer Tour to North. It's a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. The primary goal of it is raising funds for children's cancer research and programs to support children's cancer patients," Cst. Nathan Hokazono told CFTK TV News.

Folks were passing through all morning to enjoy a free hotdog and donate whatever they can for the cause. If you missed them, there's plenty of other ways to get involved leading up to the event, including visiting the Cops for Cancer website to donate.

We're all kind of fundraising individually through our own social media and just through word of mouth. You can go to the Canadian Cancer Society website. There's links to all kinds of different fundraising that they do. You can find the links to the tour to north on that, and you can look up different riders and to donate to them directly or just to donate to the program in general," said Cst. Hokazono.

The ride will take place over seven days and begin in Dawson's Creek, going all the way to Williams Lake. It will be over 850 kilometers of biking, which is quite a daunting challenge, but one that the entire Prince Rupert team has been training for and is more than ready to take on.

"Five or six hours on the bike straight is a long haul and you've got to train everything for it in your leg muscles in your butt for the seat, and it's the whole thing. So we've been enjoying it. It's like I said, it's a really good challenge, it's really good fitness and it's for a worthy cause," said Cst. Hokazono.