Friday morning saw a protest be held by the Skeena Valley Senior Society near the new Mills Memorial Hospital to express their displeasure at the demolition of the old Seven Sisters mental health facility. A new version of the building has been fully constructed alongside the new hospital. It is officially open for use, but the society believe that the old facility could still be useful, despite it being torn down to make room for the new buildings.


"We've been advocating for the use of this building, repurposed as a daycare for the Northern Health staff, and in so doing we made presentations to the City of Terrace, to the regional district and to the Mills Memorial Hospital and the Regional hospital board, as well as letters and petitions to our MLA, MP and Premier Eby and Adrian Dix. And none of them have have replied, so to speak, or have offered opportunity for dialog to happen"

- Diana Penner: President, Skeena Valley Seniors Society


The society has continued to be adamant it in their belief that these resources should not be wasted while they still have their usefulness and even reportedly got around 2200 people to sign a petition to keep both the old seven sisters and old Mills Hospital. Protesters were also reportedly planning to chain themselves to the building to prevent its demolishment, but they were unable to do so.

But even with their message that not keeping the building is a waste of taxpayer dollars, it's not clear what the society at their like minded supporters will do in regards to this subject in the future.