Luna & Luke is a local couple-owned business located in Terrace which thrives on connectivity to the earth and the people living on it. The brand aims to celebrate Pride Month in more ways than one, and that's through beaded jewelry.

“We didn't see a lot of representation in local products in the community,” says co-owner Savannah White. “We wanted to show that we see people, we care and we want them to be their true selves.”

White says the business was born out of necessity as her and her partner, Ryan, struggled to find pure and trustworthy products. She is committed to avoiding fillers in her products entirely, providing the community with safe commodities made from authentic ingredients. 

She says the response from the Terrace community has been pleasantly overwhelming.

“They've just been raving about the products and the prices. For these kinds of items, I’ve been told people couldn’t afford to purchase them in other places. Being able to provide necessities to the community in an affordable way is very important to me because I just want to be accessible to everyone.”

White says her mission is to communicate emotion, love and acceptance through their products, which range from colorful jewelry and funky keychains to exuberant crystals and pure healthy products. White explains that it's heartwarming to create products for Pride Month.

“When I see little moments of how representation makes a huge difference, I just know that it's needed in so many different ways in terms of Pride. Not everybody is necessarily safe or comfortable expressing who they are. For that reason, we have both bold products and more subtle products so everybody can express themselves in a way that is both comfortable and safe for them.”

Luna & Luke set up a tent every Saturday at the Terrace Farmer's Market to showcase and sell their variety of goodies. White’s goal is to not only represent the brand, but also every group who feels their voice isn’t being heard.

“As long as you are kind and respectful, everyone is welcome and safe in our place. And if, for whatever reason, you don't see yourself represented in our jewelry and work, we are happy to talk to you about that.”

White hopes to see more Pride events in the Northwest, and more specifically in Terrace.

“I think that there should definitely be more events. I would love to take part in that because as I've said, representation really matters. I think if the city holds more celebrations and events in honor of pride, it would make a world of difference in the community.”