Word has come out revealing that the City of Terrace is going to start what is currently expected to be a complete overhauling of the 4600 block of Lakelse Avenue.


The given starting point of the overhaul is that the City is in the midst of looking to hire a contractor that will take down the canopy covering the sidewalk on both sides of the street.


The canopy has been in place ever since the 1980's, which was the last time Terrace's prime downtown block was renovated, but the canopy is now considered to be quite outdated and not structurally sound in addition to being dilapidated.


The future of the canopy had been a topic of discussion for the businesses on that block and for the City for around 5 years now with some suggestions regarding potentially repairing the canopy being put forward at first but they did not seem go past the idea phase.


Currently the project detailing the canopy's removal is made up of two parts, part one will see the removal itself take place and part two involves the repair of any damage that the removal might end up causing to the nearby area with Terrace reportedly hoping it can be finished by the fall.