RCMP calls have increased on the Southside of terrace.  The increase has coincided with the shelters move from downtown Terrace to Tetrault Street.The RCMP calls  were received between April 1st and 25th. There have been 26 calls related to the shelter.  Over five times the number received about the shelter in 2022. The content of the calls was related to many different issues like disturbances, unspecified assistance, well-being checks, assault and mischief.


And although the location and the content might change, according to Staff Sergeant Terry Gillespie from the Terrace RCMP, “The response from the police will be the same. The expectation is the same as it was at the previous location. There is no tolerance for criminal offenses, and charges will be recommended to Crown counsel when a criminal offense has occurred.

But it's not a one size fits all Band-Aid”, According to the Staff Sergeant.  “The RCMP works closely with the City, the bylaw department, Ksan society and Northern Health to mitigate issues in a way that sensitive to both the complaints as well as the subjects therein, as these are complex social issues that there are no quick and easy solutions that will satisfy all parties”.


The RCMP encourages the public to call the appropriate agencies when it comes to incidents, be it the police bylaw or Northern Health and in the event that you're unsure of which to call. Do not hesitate to call the RCMP and keeping yourself safe.