A trifecta of ringette teams representing Terrace had themselves a very good time at provincials as an under 19 team won gold, a under 16 team got silver and an under 14 team also got gold. The three medals are the most that any community has ever won at a single provincial tournament for ringette and the result of this record setting tourney has made a lot of people very happy.


“And we are just thrilled the kids have worked so hard. They came together as a group. They played their best ringette that they played all season. I couldn't be more proud of them. Our coaching staff worked amazing together. We poured lots of hours into the kids and they just they lapped it up and showed up.”  - Lisa Smith – U16 Head Coach


Although, as was mentioned by one of the coaches, it wasn't going to be a walk in the park if the Terrace teams were going to accomplish what they wanted to get done.


“Typically in the north, we only have like a few teams to play. So for two of the teams we played Prince George and Quesnel all year and we only played one team and it was very lopsided. So we didn't get a lot of like competition. So it was a little bit of a surprise when we showed up there and we had no idea what we were really walking into. But the competition was very stiff. Yes.” – Raeanne Vandenkroek – U19 Head Coach


But despite the adversity, the teams brought home a lot of hardware after maybe not quite getting what they were seeking the previous year.


“The kids came together really, really well. They culminated very well. We kind of had it in our heads from the get go that this was going to be the year that we pulled provincials. Considering the last year we had bronze” – Shelley Potter – U14 Head Coach


And with an accomplishment like this one, it will likely be rather difficult for another set of teams to equal or surpass what these Terrace teams were able to pull off this year.