Terrace’s George Little House was broken into on Thursday March 2nd. Leaving displays and security measures destroyed.  At around 5 am Thursday morning a vandal broke into the heritage site and via rail station. Though it was not for lack of security, as Debbie Letawski the manager of the George Little House has multiple security measures in place. Including and not limited to Telus Security, Arlo cameras as well as Securi Guard.  The thief did not need long, as he was in and out in roughly less than ten minutes.  Judging by the security footage, the individual was described as aggressive and frustrated, breaking multiple security elements including cameras as well as the internet modem. George Little House has become accustomed to such happenings as there have been other incidents, including one in December of last year and October of 2021.  Management of the site believes that this is a targeted and repeated crime as the individual caught on tape displayed similar disposition and actions, returning to the same glass cabinet that held valuables from prior robberies that they were unable to access.  Vandalism among other issues are becoming more and more frequent and Debbie claims to continuously be cleaning up needles more than there has ever been in her working there in 17 years the clean up goes so far as human feces.  It is not just the artifacts affected there's revenue. Each time an incident like this happens there is a cost, from the previous three incidents up to $20,000 in lost revenue and that's not including the insurance. The mounting costs of these unfortunate and dastardly events may be pushing this Terrace staple to it's financial breaking point.


Brandon Cassidy