With COVID-19 restrictions loosened, officials believed that it was going to be a big summer for tourism in Prince Rupert, and so far, it seems to be playing out that way.

"It's lively. You're seeing tourists from all over the world coming to Prince Rupert, you know, buying gifts in the shops and going to local restaraunts. So, yeah, it's nice to have that sort of vibrant feeling back in Prince Rupert," said VP of Prince Rupert Adventure Tours Jared Davis.

It's a welcome sight for Prince Rupert adventure tours along with many other local businesses that have had to endure through the challenges put on by the pandemic.

"Yeah, it was extremely difficult going from making zero revenue for two years for being in the tourism industry and having a a large investment in our tour vessel that we have and having that basically sit still for two years. This was really tough for us," said Davis

Now, business is booming once again, and for Davis and his team, they're just happy to once again be able to show off the beauty that a community like Prince Rupert has to offer.

It's a lot better. We didn't do any tours the last couple of years. So it's like I said, it's nice to be back out there again. I had a tourists come in just yesterday saying best tour of their life. And yeah, it's nice to be able to put that smile on people's faces again," he told CFTK TV News

According to Tourism Prince Rupert, the numbers for June are not available as of yet. Though staff did tell CFTK TV News that they're seeing over a hundred tourists per day come through the visitor center, a huge increase from the last two summers.