Wade Flaherty has been playing hockey since he can remember and while his hockey playing days are over, his coaching career has kept his love for the game alive and well.


But Mr. Flaherty recently made a return to Terrace and it wasn't to speak on his very important job as part of one of the higher ranked Canadian teams within the National Hockey League, he came back to coach younger talent.


Specifically, he coached young goalie talent at the True North Goalie Clinic. The clinic is solely for aspiring goaltenders and the clinic's main organizer, Rob Barg, later said that this clinic had been in the works since late last year and early this year.


This was a 2 day long clinic centring around hockey's last line of defence in preventing goals and Flaherty also emphasized the clinic's importance with the fact that drills for goalies differ from ones for position players.


The camp was well received by the 26 participants and there are plans to hold another one of these camps next year with Flaherty also making his return as well.