A wildfire believed to be caused by lightning is burning near Rosswood, and was spotted about 20km down big cedar road. Fire information officer Morgan Blois says personnel are on site.

"Yeah, so fire R40544 is currently estimated at about 1 hectare in size it is also suspected lightning cause at this time we do have a helicopter and firefighters on site and they are looking to get access to the fire so that they can put a guard on the outside, and as well as that helicopter will be supporting with bucket support. Between the fire and water  and then helping, filling in some gear so that crews can spend like it's got required today.Currently there's no values at risk.There are some values within a kilometer. But yeah, like I said, they're not at risk right now."

- Morgan Blois - Fire Information Officer


Blois says the fire is currently deemed out of control.

"Today is looking fairly warm with the potential for some gusty winds. So, likely crews will be on site till late and definitely early in the morning tomorrow and potentially spending the night just due to access requirements."

- Morgan Blois - Fire Information Officer

She says it's important for locals to be aware and checking the bc wildfire.ca website or app, and checking with your regional municipality and first nations to get the latest updates.