TERRACE, B.C. -- A Boil Water Notice is now in effect for Prince Rupert until further notice.

This means city residents must boil their water for at least a minute, then cool it and place it in a food-grade storage container before using it to drink, cook, wash vegetables or brush their teeth.

A press release from the city says high turbidity levels have been detected in the city's water supply.

"High turbidity (cloudiness) levels may occur in surface water sources due to seasonal weather changes causing excessive surface runoff, flooding, heavy rain events and spring melt," reads the press release.

"A high turbidity level may impair the effectiveness of the disinfection treatment system. If disinfection is impaired, disease-causing microorganisms may escape into the water distribution system resulting in an increased risk of intestinal illness."

Owners of public facilites are requested to either post boil water notices at all sinks or drinking water fountains accessible to the public or turn these water sources off.

The city is working with Northern Health to lift the notice as soon as possible.